It is with great pleasure, and only through the grace of our Divine Guruji, Shri Swami Vishwadevananda Puri Ji that Namai Pasauliui ( विश्वनीडं) is able to announce a significant milestone in the development of a new Ashram in Jonava, Lithuania.

The new Ashram will serve as an oasis of spirituality and a center for the promotion of our glorious ancient wisdom. Activities will include Sunday Satsang, Yoga Asana classes, Yoga Retreats, Satsang for major events. Ashram will organize numerous spiritual festivals throughout the year and teach spirituality to interested people.

The land area is more than one hectare and due to its central location is ideally suited to meet the needs of our growing devotee base. The new Ashram Project is estimated to cost in the region of 150000 Euro (One Hundred fifty thousand euros) and work on its construction will commence soon.

We look forward to the goodwill and kind support of all our members, patrons, and well-wishers towards this project. Any form of assistance will be most appreciated.

By the Grace of  Bhagwati Tripura Sundari, few have already made pledges of funds and services towards this project.

We are deeply indebted to and place on record our heartfelt gratitude to all who are serving the mission of our Guru ji through their love offerings.

We encourage you to continue to spread the message widely amongst family, friends, and work colleagues to enable this project to come to fruition as soon as possible.

Namai Pasauliui, všį is a recognized non-profit organization. As a non-profit, all members are dedicated to a lifetime of selfless volunteer service, helping individuals become healthier, happier, and spiritual. 100% of all proceeds and donations are used towards the center’s growth and mission with no personal gain. we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other. Please join us to contribute protect the environment, improve the living conditions.

Our main project is to build a wooden Sri Yantra temple that bases its life on thousands of years old scriptures from ancient India and in the future which will be a place of pilgrimage for visitors from all around the world.

We are also planning to build a guest house & Yoga Community center. Meditation, yoga, and spirituality will play an important role in our ashram.

Apart from fully functioning  Sri Yantra temple with
its traditional rituals and rites. we also will have a cow protection project, as well as gardens and fields, where we always need a lot of help (especially in the summertime) and a guesthouse. We will offer an opportunity to spend quality time together in a spiritual atmosphere and with great vegetarian cooking.


You will be right in the heart of Lithuania – clean air, nature, especially good for treks in sunny Summer and snowy Winter!

You get to join in with a range of activities, be it on our organic farm, our guesthouse, temple activities, around the temple.

Our long-term vision is to establish a self-sufficient project that will also be an important place of pilgrimage in Europe and a tourist attraction in Lithuania for the spiritually minded people.

At least twice a year return to nature to be recharged at our Ashram.

Stay in the Ashram by volunteering. Our volunteers assist in the maintenance and development of our space, with room and board at our expense.

We share a full experience; conscious, respectful, and loving. It is a natural way of life.

We invite volunteers to participate, if they wish, in the activities planned by the Association.

Looking for a volunteer to cook, maintain the kitchen/dining room area, and to create a beautiful aromatic garden. Minimum commitment one-week stay.

The property also includes an organic garden and various fruit trees, dedicated towards non-commercial self-sufficiency. Our work focuses on the connection with the earth and mother nature, through the conscious and respectful treatment of both.

From our volunteers, it is expected to take daily one temple program around 1 hour as a part of a community, be it lecture, individual meditation, group music meditation, or any other ceremony, as part of their integration to the community and deeper understanding of the philosophy and lifestyle.

Our volunteers are happy to have a chance to get to know better this tradition, and we are always open to guide them and answer any questions they have.

Ayurvedic Café is still at the planning stage and will hopefully be realized soon.

So if you feel the desire to experience spiritual community life and have pleasure in developing your consciousness, doing yoga, meditation, home renovation, and gardening, you are cordially invited to play an essential part in this project and to move it forward.