Sanatan Dhara Foundation

An eternal tradition for Human Excellence

Eternal belongs to eternity

Sanatan Dhara is a Research Institute of Spiritual Sciences. “Sanatan means that which cannot be destroyed by fire, water, air, weapons and is present in all living and non-living being. The nearest apt English word for Sanatan is ‘Eternal”. Sanatan Dhara comprises of spiritual laws which govern the human existence. Sanatan Dhara is to human life what natural laws are to the physical phenomena.  Just as the phenomena of gravitation existed before it was discovered, the spiritual laws of life are eternal laws which existed before they were discovered by the ancient rishis (sages) for the present age during the Vedic period.  Sanatan Dhara declares that something cannot come out of nothing and, therefore, the universe itself is the manifestation of the Divine being.  This truth forms the invocation of the Isha Upanishad (a Sanatan Vedic scripture):

Sanatan Dhara aims at eliminating sufferings and ignorance and causes of problems human race is afflicting and offerings natural, holistic means of health and stress management based on ancient eternal, time tested practices of Upanishads, Ayurveda, Nature Cure and another Spiritual sciences.

Sanatan Dhara aims at Health, Harmony and Happiness; Freedom from stress and diseases and creative, rich and vibrant life for everyone here on this earth.

Sanatan Dhara invites every one learn, participate, experience and realize easy, simple to follow , integrated and holistic programs designed aimed at  Health, Harmony and Happiness; stress and disease management, kids violence and stress management, and management of professional, family and other problems.

Sanatan Dhara offers integrated and holistic programs and practices that are free from drugs and side effects, easy and simple to follow and practice, effective to bring about positive physical, physiological, biochemical, and psychological changes aimed at holistic health, inner and outer harmony in life. These programs acts as preventive health care means, health promotive and preservative and also helps in managing many diseases.

Besides these programs and practices, Sanatan Dhara also invites people especially from abroad many formal educational courses in the field of Spirituality, Ayurveda, Vaastu, Astrology and allied sciences of different duration for deeper and clear understanding in order to empower them to spread the knowledge of ancient wisdom to people of their countries.

In order to continue the tradition of service to humanity, Sanatan Dhara also invites everyone to participate and contribute in its Social Service Projects and Research studies in order to revive the ancient wisdom of Vedas and symposia, seminars, conferences that are organized from time to time.