Vedic Library

Swami Vishwadevananda audio visual library of Vedic Science.

On the aupecius ocassion of Shivratri 24th February 2017 at 18 : 00.  We already  opened  Swami Vishwadevananda Audio Visual Library of Vedic Science in Jonava, Lithuania. We  have more then 20000 eBooks based on Vedic heritage in different languages.

We have approx. 5000 GB audio video & ebooks material  based on Vedic literature. You can listen audio of many great saints who delivered lectures on various topic of Vedic scriptures. We are thankful to Mr. Chetan Pandey who provides us many eBooks.

In starting we put only 5 chairs in our unique library. later we can extend also. This library will be free of cost. No charges for reading any book what we have in our library. Mr. Abinash Majhi offered 3 chairs to our vedic library on the name of his three divine daughters. Mr. Narender Lohan also offer one chair on his son name. We are thankful for their generous supports.

Why we need Vedic science library?

The Vedas are the source of integral wisdom, science, tradition and culture of a remarkable civilization. They are Oral compilations of distilled wisdom of cosmic knowledge survived from the time immemorial. They are not only identified as scriptures, but also as the fountain head of Indian culture and human civilization. It has been universally acknowledged that the Veda is the earliest available literature of humanity. As we shall see this statement is no exaggeration. There is no major Religion on this planet, which has not been influenced by the Vedas.

That is why to promote vedic values for peace and harmony in society we are going to open vedic library here in Jonava, Lithuania.